Sunday, August 8, 2010

I love to sew!

In junior high school, or middle school as you Americans call it, I took home economics. I FAILED the sewing portion of the class...come to think of it I also failed the cooking part (something about using 1/2cp salt instead of sugar in a smoothie). I don't know how I got credit for that class, hmmm... When the rest of the class was sewing dresses and fun skirts I was sewing a pair of plain straight blue striped shorts which my mother still has in her hall closet still missing the elastic. They were so awful!
Later on in years my dear soldier boy bought me a sewing machine that I tinkered with, teaching myself along the way mainly sewing patch work quilts. I am in no way a whiz but have to admit I have come a long way since those hideous blue striped shorts thanks to the wonderful world of craft blogs!
I have always hated homemade clothing. I hated the traditional dresses. You know the ones that were made with flowers that were meant for Grandmas couch and were anything but flattering. They looked so unfinished. I hope my kids don't hate me in later years when they look back and see pictures of all the things I have made them wear this summer!

We found some cute skirts at a farmers market and I wanted to replicate them. I thought since I was home I would attempt such an endeavor under my mothers watchful eye. I used bias tape and lining for the first time. I have much to improve on but for a first attempt the girls were pleased!

Next were these adorable dresses I found inspiration from here
The tutorial was super easy!

Then I came across this tutorial and just had to make it! While my ever creative sister was here I thought, what a better time to use her applique skills and learn something new. I designed what I wanted and she showed me how to do it. I fell in love with it! It wasn't until I had a few ladies stop me in the grocery store and ask where I bought that shirt or comment on how gorgeous it was that I realized I MADE IT and SOMEONE ELSE liked!!
I have a box full of gorgeous material just waiting for the perfect project for me to sew any suggestions?

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