Sunday, August 15, 2010

Food storage

This month being what it is and having to use some of our food storage I thought I would share my knowledge of food storage, and how we built it up.
During the beginning weeks of 2010 Oklahoma suffered a terrible ice storm.
There were over 100,000 HOMES not people HOMES without power. Some were without for just a few hours, some for a few days and some for 10days! We were one of the lucky families to have lost our power for one hour short of 7days. You sure learn a lot about yourself in such a situation! With family a good two days drive away we decided to stay put and stick it out.

We quickly learned that what we had was hardly enough! We had to get creative!

The roads were closed and people were going crazy with fear of not having enough so the grocery store shelves were bare! We learned we needed to change our view of food storage.
Food storage has always been something we have had. You know a bag of wheat, buckets of sugar, oats, and lots of canned goods but we never had to apply their usefulness with limited access to goods. Never a rhyme or reason to it all.

Weeks later I stumbled across this website I learned a few tricks of food storage from
We started storing meals rather than just canned products. I found seven easy meals that we LIKE to eat with minimal ingredients and preparation (its all about comfort in times of stress). Some of these meals were a little more labor intensive as I was also looking for stuff to help during those times of financial crisis.
I then wrote out the ingredients and how many of each meal. I chose to have a minimum of 7 meals per recipe.
Spaghetti x7
1 box of shagetti noodles
1 can spaghetti sauce
1 can mushrooms
1/7 jar of Parm
Chicken Fried Rice x7
1/2 bag rice
1 can chicken
1 can corn
1 can diced carrots or 1/4 cp dehydrated carrots
1/8cp dried onion
2 chicken bouillon cubes

I would then add one meal a week to my food storage. Now don't forget you have to eat breakfast and lunch too! Provide variety, and a well balanced diet.
Now I like to store my meals together, all my spaghetti in one spot, my fried rice ingredients all together in another. I also label them, on each label how many days of each meal I have and the recipe on how to make it.

Over the past 6months we have been able to store almost 6weeks worth of meals.
What's your secret to successful food storage?


  1. Living in "earthquake" prone California I have always tried to keep extra food on hand...and especially a source of bottled water. I use shelves in the garage as storage and it is the over-abundance of a trip(s) to Costco that keeps it supplied.

    This is a very thoughtful and important blog subject. And...thank you for adding a comment to my blog.(-:

  2. Good post. We did some of this for Y2K but I need to do better! Thanks again.