Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My sons fall party

I love Pinterest! Thank you whoever thought of and implemented this site! If you haven't heard of it, it is a great resource! I found this site there and had to make these for my sons grade school fall party.

Our school mascot is an owl.
How perfect for a school party that can't be too Halloween-ish.
I did find pulling the oreos apart and sticking them on the cupcake didn't look as cute as the ones on the website! I had to dip my handy little pampered chef pairing knife in water and scrape off the top layer of icing to get the whites to look cleaner.
Can you see the difference?
I also found double stuffed oreos work better or the cheap generic oroes as the icing is easier to manipulate.
These were super easy and fun for all.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fall Festival

Today is the fall festival at school. Each class is having a fall party.
I was so eager to sign up for snacks and do something super fun, but by the time I spoke to the mom in charge of my oldests class party all she had left was drinks. I found this link for juice boxes and knew what I was going to do. When I talked to the teacher she suggested making a few for those who may not like/celebrate Halloween so I found this link and very poorly attempted to create something neutral.
Here are our final results.
I had the kids help create these treats. My little Emo boy wanted to do his mummy in black, I wasn't in the mood to fight. In the end we decided to turn him into a bat instead. I think it turned out rather cute.
I couldn't find white electrical tape so I used white duct tape. I snipped the first piece in half and started tearing which you can't see very well but it leaves little raw edges giving it a more torn material look.
Here's a pic of my tape roll
(I was able to do 20 with this roll and this is whats left could probably do another 10 easily)
The black mummy gone batty
We wrapped these boxes with black electrical tape then cut out some bat wings out of card stock, folded over a small piece of the wing to hot glued them on, followed by our googly eyes.I carefully pulled all the straws off, making sure the plastic didn't tare before we started, then we hot glued then all back on to finish up our project.
What a fun project! Sad we spent the better part of 2hrs wrapping , and gluing 40+boxes and they will only be enjoyed for a few minutes then trashed, but my kids loved helping and spending time working together (Ok so it wasn't all fun and games, they fought a little, but they talked fondly about their evening over breakfast).

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Bows bows bows!

I don't sell a whole lot of bows. I am not the best business woman! I love to craft but hate marketing, and putting myself out there. From time to time by word of mouth I get a few orders. Some know exactly what they want, others just give me freedom with a color scheme. This month I had a few back to back orders that took me a few weeks to complete. I tried out a lot of new bow tutorials. It was so fun and challenging! My girls were thrilled as they got a few new bows in the process.
I will give credit where due, linking to the tutorials I used. Some of these flowers I found tutorials for long ago and have no idea who to give credit.
These are some from my first order. MK has two girls. She wanted a few neutral, and then pink and purples to match her girls outfits.I recently discovered covered buttons. I love them!Here is another variation of the burnt edge flower. I also made these in pink and white satinThese are my favorite Sunday barrettes. They are time consuming but its worth the effort. I found if I hold the middle of each petal over the flame it gives it a little extra dimension.
These are my new favorite barrettes! A mindless sort of activity, I can sit in front of the TV hand stitching and gathering ribbon then get to assembling them later. I learned from this one fish line works really well and hides well on multicolored ribbon.
I found this tutorial here
Another variation These ones took me a few tries to get right. I was too lazy to use a needle and thread so I used a little hot glue. Once again a covered button really finishes it off.
This tutorial I found here

Order #2 was for homecoming. Ks Mom wanted "big" cheer bows
I don't normally make big bows. This was definitely a first for me. Please she wanted them on the snap clips not the alligator type clips. I learned when using the snap clips, glue the bow on while the clip is open, then after a few minutes close it and then open it a few times. Otherwise it is rather stiff.
I definitely need to work on my big bow making ability.

Order #3 was for the big OU game this weekend. Ms. G needed a few "little" clips for her baby. I forgot to take picture before delivering them. But I am sure she wore them proudly after their big win!!

My girls were so excited to get a few new bows of their own. These babies are so super easy and super cute!!
I found the tutorial hereThis is Ape Babies favorite. She wore it all last week! Another covered buttonI made this for my flittering butterfly. She loves Zebras.

It was fun putting my bow making skills to work. A friend dropped by one day and kept me company while she made a few of her own. Another friend dropped by the most delicious spring rolls so I didn't have to break for lunch. My little Mr. Emo made me a few bows of his own.My living room is grateful to be rid of all evidence of a week of no cleaning, neglect and the brimming boxes of craft supplies decorating every empty corner.
Back to life as normal.