Thursday, June 30, 2011

Happy Canada Day

Being Canadian has it's advantages when you are married to an American. In July it happens to be a month of fun and parties! We celebrate Canada day on the 1st and Independence day on the 4th. A whole four days of fireworks (if there isn't a burn ban-DANG! the OK drought this year), food, fun, and celebration.

Every year my mom sends Canadian T-shirts for the kids, which they proudly wear. The kids already laid theirs all out ready to adorn them tomorrow morning!

This year we decided to take a little outing to see Cars 2 and out to dinner but nothing much else for the 1st. I did however manage to make some yummy Nanaimo bars for tomorrow to throw in a little taste of home. I made these a time or two, every time with a new recipe. This year I think I found a keeper! They taste rather close to the real thing!! I found it here. I made a few adjustments-
I added 1/4cp more nuts on the bottom layer because I like nuts .
I couldn't find custard powder for the middle layer so I used 2Tbsp of corn starch and 1-1/2Tbsp vanilla instant pudding powder and added 1Tbsp more milk.
On the top layer I added another two bars of semi sweet baking chocolate.
FABULOUS!! The kids can't wait to dig into them first thing tomorrow.

I also saved a large box of Smarties for our movie tomorrow! Another taste of home!I think I am going to have to run every day this weekend just to keep up with the caloric intake planned for the festivities LOL
I really wanted to make these blueberry muffins for the kids in the AM but just can't find the energy tonight. Maybe next year...


Thursday, June 2, 2011

Graduation treats

During my search for teacher gifts and I came across these tasty treats HERE
I knew I had to make these and I had just the event in mind! A High School Graduation open house for two amazing young ladies!
They were a smash! (both the treats and the girls)

A tip- If it is 92F and humid start by freezing your chocolate treats then unwrap them so the PB cups don't stick to the wrappers. Store in the fridge before serving. They melted rather quickly making them tricky to get off the plate.
Regardless they went rather quickly.Thanks N and K for the fabulous party! Congrats on your achievements! Can't wait to see what the next few years bring to you!