Thursday, June 30, 2011

Happy Canada Day

Being Canadian has it's advantages when you are married to an American. In July it happens to be a month of fun and parties! We celebrate Canada day on the 1st and Independence day on the 4th. A whole four days of fireworks (if there isn't a burn ban-DANG! the OK drought this year), food, fun, and celebration.

Every year my mom sends Canadian T-shirts for the kids, which they proudly wear. The kids already laid theirs all out ready to adorn them tomorrow morning!

This year we decided to take a little outing to see Cars 2 and out to dinner but nothing much else for the 1st. I did however manage to make some yummy Nanaimo bars for tomorrow to throw in a little taste of home. I made these a time or two, every time with a new recipe. This year I think I found a keeper! They taste rather close to the real thing!! I found it here. I made a few adjustments-
I added 1/4cp more nuts on the bottom layer because I like nuts .
I couldn't find custard powder for the middle layer so I used 2Tbsp of corn starch and 1-1/2Tbsp vanilla instant pudding powder and added 1Tbsp more milk.
On the top layer I added another two bars of semi sweet baking chocolate.
FABULOUS!! The kids can't wait to dig into them first thing tomorrow.

I also saved a large box of Smarties for our movie tomorrow! Another taste of home!I think I am going to have to run every day this weekend just to keep up with the caloric intake planned for the festivities LOL
I really wanted to make these blueberry muffins for the kids in the AM but just can't find the energy tonight. Maybe next year...


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