Saturday, August 21, 2010

UFO-wall art

My house is full of UFO's (Un-Finished Objects). Thursday night I decided to pick two to finish by next weekend. Last night I finished the first one (minus the framing but it can hang in its raw form for the time being).
So, I found these a few weeks ago and thought I should find something to use these for. I bought them over five years again in Germany for 2,50Euros, it's about time they find a home either on my walls or on someone elses.

I have this empty space above my computer-I thought perfect location for some wall art.

I went on a search for something to inspire me and came across this picture here

I grabbed my pens and started to "swirl," then school started and my canvas was put in the pile of UFO's in my bedroom.

I decided this would be a great inspiration to get my butt in gear and finish all those UFO's in my room. It would be something I would see everyday to encourage me.

I wanted my picture to be personalized, I decided to add each family members name to my art (soldier boy wanted his to be on a grasshopper ?? no idea why. Can you see it on the grasshoppers leg).

My middle name is star so I added a star flower. I love citrus fragerances, the flower on the right reminds me of an orange and my name is in the center of the flower on top of the swirl.

I absolutely love my art! It isn't quite as good as sometimesiswirl but for my very first drawing ever I am pretty pleased. My kids love looking at it and finding their names, looking for the bugs and seeing the different flowers. Everytime they look at it they find something new. Just watching them enjoy it makes me love it all the more.

Thanks you sometimesiswirl for the inspiration!


  1. Your talent just keeps on emerging. What's next will be anyone's guess, but I can tell you when it's done it'll be something to be proud of.

  2. I love this! I've got to make this ....Awesome!

  3. Fantastic!! I have a stack of canvases I bought on sale just waiting to be transformed.

  4. That is awesome. I love the hidden personal touches. Thanks for sharing!
    I found you at Sunday Showcase on Under the Table and Dreaming's blog.

  5. Hi there! I wanted to stop by and and say "thank you" for the visit today. :) I need to head out and buy some canvases to try my own art.

  6. That turned out great! How talented are you!?! LOOOOVE those swirls -- you did a great job!!

  7. We are so glad you joined us for Anything Related! Come back tomorrow for another great party!