Monday, August 2, 2010

Since I got my computer two years ago it has had it's home here


Which we used to eat breakfast with Grandma, looking up recipes on, or crafting (the kitchen table also doubles as my craft area). It was convenient and already there. It meant I could always see what my kids were doing on the computer while I was in the kitchen, living room or dining room. Very accessible and very public place.
After a few weeks of extreme humidity, followed by a few weeks of extreme heat I was able to give my baby a new home!

This was the first project my Soldier boy and I worked on together. First project in ten years LOL

Soldier boy is unfamiliar with and too cheap to buy me a nail gun so we screwed the thing together. He has since decided it might be a good idea to get one for the next project.

I stained it ebony. I like the almost Zebra like look.

And here she is. In her new home!

I love it!
Still where I can see everyone when I am using my computer and where it can be seen.
Soldier boy didn't originally like my plans I drew up. He came up with his own. But after finding a few pictures of what I wanted and plans on how to create something similar he agreed to TRY my way out first then we could always revert back to his if it didn't work out.
Once we got past the planning it was all fun and games!! We rocked house! We make a great team. I was OCD about which boards went where and he was OCD about making sure the holes all lined up so the buttons would form a straight line. I would research what I needed and he would trust me and buy it. I can't wait to find something else for my soldier boy to help me build.