Friday, August 27, 2010

under the weather

I have been quite under the weather this week. I came down with a nasty cold and a debilitating crick in my neck. After spending two days supervising the kids from the living room floor my little man was begging for me to go out and finish a few crafts we had started. It was extremely therapeutic! I needed to listen to his babble and relax a bit while trying to be creative.

I have created a monster!! He loves to paint. This is the second shirt he has ruined this week. The other one he decided to paint on the way home from Hobby Lobby with his new paints he picked out. "I couldn't wait, I sorry!" Who am I to get in the way of his creativity?!

Here's a sneak peak at what we were up to. I am not quite finished, maybe this afternoon during Ape baby's nap time.

However my Emo child finished his projects and loves them. He is currently playing Legos with his giants.

My soldier boy was so sweet and made me a rice bag to help with my neck problems. I thought why haven't more people used socks as heat bags? It was a new sock so it wasn't like I was getting foot goobies all over my neck.

Well this is why, Poly-cotton has a tendency to melt! Rice started popping out. So I had to make a rice bag and quick before Ape baby found this one. I'll show you next time what I ended up using...gotta run cranky teething ape baby is demanding my time.

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