Tuesday, August 24, 2010

signs of autumn

The WINDS have changed, and I am not ready for summer to be over yet! Yesterday it hit 110F with the heat index and today we didn't get above 85F with some mighty cool gusts coming out of the north. It can't be over! I didn't get as much swimming in this year as I wanted. I haven't eaten enough watermelon. I don't have a good tan! We have hardly done any hiking! Where did the time go?
While summer is on its way out I must take advantage of the first signs of fall. With the cooler weather we opened all the windows, put some clove scented stuff in the Scentsy burner, brought out the mixer, turned on the oven and got to work. This is what my kitchen looks like. Isn't it a beautiful site! I can bake again!

I love to bake bread! Over the years I have tried about 30 different recipes but stopped when I found this one over at everydayfoodstorage.net.
Baking bread has been a way for me to feel like I am in control of what my family is eating. WE LOVE BREAD! We go thru 4-6 loaves a week depending on who wants what in school lunches. If the kids are hungry they go for bread above any other snack in the house. It usually turns into a family affair. But tonight it was just me with my noisy machines, and a cup of hot apple cider while my soldier boy put the kids to bed.
We always start with this sweet machine
There is something so beautiful about freshly ground flour.
I love to sit and run my hands thru it and just think while I wait for my mixer to finish kneading my dough so I can move onto the next loaf.

While I wait for my dough to rise I usually find something else to occupy my time. Tonight I made these delicious granola bars! The kids will be so excited to find these yummies in their lunches. I would have eaten them all had I not quickly packed them up!

I am starting to remember why I love the fall!

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  1. I love how wonderful the house smells after baking bread. I don't have a bread machine...I still just use my old Kitchen Aid mixer. A bread machine would be nice(-:

    Great art project...wonderfully strong, interesting, and charming images. I would love to see how they looked on the wall. You are very creative.