Thursday, July 22, 2010

I dibble and dabble

I love to quilt! I wish I had all the money in the world to quilt all day and all night and never be restrained by time, space, resources, or finances! Maybe one day...

(my first patch work quilt for my BIL for his wedding)
I have fond memories of sitting under quilts in my grandmothers home as she would quilt and tie her various quilts for new cousins, or newly weds. She seemed to always have her frames up and my mom and her would keep their hands busy as they visited.

(my oldest sons rag quilt)
Two years ago I joined a quilting group and started to learn different techniques of piecing and machine sewing a quilt. I got to thinking outside the box of the typical patchwork quilt and found a new love.

(my first sample quilt before the binding, I gifted it to my niece for her birthday last year)
I love sample quilts! You can learn new techniques and finish a project in a matter of a few hours. Instant gratification! I also like the idea of making the back as interesting as the back!
Big quilts are fun but time consuming and tend to wear on me. I work on it for a few hours then pack it away for a few weeks then bring it out again. Ask my sister who is still waiting eight years later for her wedding gift LOL... all it needs now is the binding (which is all cut out, ironed, and ready to be sewn). Or my Three year old emo son, awaiting his baby quilt...ugh!

(Ape baby's blanket)
My goal is to finish my sons quilt by Christmas!! And maybe talk my mom into finishing my sisters quilt by then too *Please mommy*

(sensitive child's recent grandma quilt, he picked out the accent material for a panel she had purchased. We had to improvise with the foot prints as the material we had looked funny. After years of trimming off the bottoms of her pants and saving the extra material we finally found a use for it!)

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