Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Time to create

I wasn't about to separate my private blog from my crafting time highlights, but have decided to jump on the band wagon when a few of my creations ended up on someone elses blog! It gave me the courage to say I can createI love to craft! I am married to a busy soldier boy and have four over active kids; I don't get much time to craft. During the day I am either holding my ape baby, calming my emo son, tending some sort of animal/reptile/insect with my sensitive child, or trying to keep up with my beautiful flittering butterfly-time never stands still with them around! I stay up all hours of the night just to let my creative juices out.
Creating to me is knowledge.
I love to learn! I love to be frugal! I love to develop new talents! Creating helps me to understand where my strengths and weaknesses are- to better understand myself. So, in so many words here's to documenting my journey on becoming ME...

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