Friday, July 23, 2010


Stole the idea of a cake post from my SIL here. Granted her cakes are amazing in comparison. Thought I'd share any way.

My sister the creative genius, and I love to be creative. When she comes to visit it never fails we craft something! I am more productive when I have someone to work and laugh with! More fun is had when you can bounce ideas off each other. One year we were into cakes.

my flittery butterfly's birthday cake one year. She asked for a turtle power princess and this is all I could come up with

My sister the creative genius loves frogs, so she got frogs for her birthday

A dinosaur birthday cake we make for a friend

A double birthday party- one for the sensitive child, just his size.

And one for my soldier boy. These were my favorite. We spent a good long time in the German candy store imagining things we could do.

Here's one I did for a garden party. I had made a round cake for the head, but my emo boy, and my sensitive child decided to lick all the frosting off while I showered in preparation for this party. I ended up taking the newly cleaned cake pan and flipping it upside down and icing it moments before I had to leave. No one suspected a thing ;-)

Here's the lazy man's cake. But for him it was the ideal cake!

He could eat it ALL by himself! Which he tried.
My other sister owns a marble slab ice cream shop. These are two of my favorite! The one was a last minute cake for a wedding. I think it is stunning!


  1. And you love having someone around to unpick your seams, when you screw up :D

  2. peh I'm gonna say YOUR cakes are amazing! I couldn't find pictures of a certain someone's Dinosaur cake that I had so much fun baking ~but alas~ blogs must go on :) I LOVE LOVE Your fishy cake! I just might copy it :) Thanks for the ideas!

  3. Glad you came for a visit ladies. My two favorite people who inspire me.