Saturday, July 24, 2010

Heritage- making it perosnal

When my soldier boy and I started having children, we made the decision to name them after ancestors. Each of our children is named after someone from their family tree, and for the most part we are able to tell them something about each person they are named after. For us this is very important. I wanted them to have a daily reminder of who they are and that they need to honor the names they have been given. So this is what I came up with. (Each frame has their names on it now, I am still working on Ape babies since the ladies she was named after both died in infancy there are no pictures. I will have to be more creative with hers).

My flittering butterfly's

My sensitive child

My emo boy

My soldier boy's wall at work.
Soldier boy is the sixth generation to serve in the military. So to pay tribute to those who have served before him we created this wall and added the kids hand prints on each side of the photos to remind him of who he is and why he serves.

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