Saturday, October 2, 2010

baby shoes

My ape baby has such high insteps that she fights the battle of the bulge when wearing shoes. She absolutely hates wearing shoes. With as active as we try to stay and her independence there is no way I will let her go without them (plus our yard is full of sticker/pickers/briars it is a matter of necessity). My baby sister sent me this link
I was so excited to make my ape baby something comfy for her feet. She absolutely loves her shoes. She will grab them and try to put them on herself. They must be comfy.

I chose jean for the bottom layer of the shoe, for a little more durability than the flannel- leftover scraps from the kids cut offs.

I lined the sole with a layer of felt between two layers (felt and jean) on the bottom.
I chose jean for the bottom layer of the shoe.

These are so super easy and fun to make!

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