Monday, September 27, 2010

Pennant bunting

A few weeks ago I came across a cake similar to this one on etsy Here.

Of course then I had different ideas on what I was going to do for my ape baby's 1st birthday. As the day crept up on me and had to change my ideals and thought back to this idea.
I made the pennant bunting rather quickly, but as I put it together I realized I used the wrong size sharpie and really wasn't loving it. So then I had soldier boy print off a monkey on card stock. Wasn't loving it either.

Well I searched thru my scrapbooking stuff and found a black and white flower. I pulled out the pink nail polish and voila a cute lil girl monkey with a stylin' flower just like my lil ape baby!
She loved it!! She was so excited.

I would do this again in a heart beat! I love this new fad!

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