Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Jewelry making is not my art! But I found something I can do and it looks decent.
A few months back JK Made posted these beauties
I had my Brother in-law who was making a trip to Harbor freight pick me up a few different size stamps. I have made a few to give away but never took any pictures but this one.

Well I wanted something else to do with these for the boys. I found all kinds of ideas. You could stamp them to make key chains, or as gift tags, or to label hooks.
Then I saw these here

Still not for the boys! but I had to make these

Still on the look out for something the boys could make I saw a tutorial on D.I.Y. TV an online little series. Now that I want to blog about them, do you think I could find there URL?! UGH Story of my life.
The boys have since lost theirs, but me and my Flittering Butterfly have been making a few examples for our churches Christmas craft day.

What did we use?
A washer
diamond glaze
a toothpick
Simply paint the washer your base color
Rosette- put a drop of accent color on while base coat is still wet
Take your toothpick and make small swirly motions starting from the outside working your way in, cleaning off the end and dragging a little more of the base coat in if needed.
Other ideas- put a few drops of your accent color on your freezer paper/plastic/work space and use your toothpick to write your name, make swirls, draw or use the edge of your toothpick to lightly paint on your color letting some of the natural washer to show thru (like the purple one in the lower left corner in the grouped picture above)
Let dry for a few hours (they suggest a whole day but really who can wait that long?!)
Apply a layer of diamond glaze and let set for a full day. A MUST! it does take that long.
String it and wear for all to enjoy!

For the boys I tied them like this on a cord.

Here are a few waiting to be glazed. Can you see the butterfly in the green one?

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  1. Looks like lots of fun!! I should get out my stamps and do some more fun stuff. I have seen where they stack a smaller washer on top too! Where they put CTR on the smaller one and then spelled it out (choose the right) on the bigger one under!!

    Thanks for the link!

  2. Chrissy, you are simply amazing! I love this blog! Thanks Jake for letting me know! :D

  3. Very cleaver and what fun to do! I really like the necklace...nail polish, amazing.(-:

  4. Great idea, thanks for sharing!!

  5. I had a blast making washer necklaces with my niece at the beach this summer. I also want to try the washer bracelet. I'm glad that you reminded me about this. I haven't been able to find diamond glaze in my town. I guess I should order some. Your jewelry is sure to get you plenty of compliments.

  6. Those are so pretty and colorful! I love fun projects like this. :) Thanks so much for joining the party. :) I hope you'll come back for a visit sometime soon!

  7. What a cool idea to use nail polish! I do love all the washer projects around, must get around to making some soon..

  8. could you use clear nail polish instead? if not what does diamond glaze do that is different? also about how much is diamond glaze?

  9. Clear nail polish would work to seal it. When you use just nail polish it comes out looking so flat, diamon glaze gives it a finished almost 3-Diminsional look. It goes from looking like a painted washer to looking like something you would buy at the store. You won't be disappointed using it.
    The only thing I have found and will share is that white nail polish and diamond glaze don't mix. Mine always comes out more yellowish. It first I thought maybe it was a reaction of the metal and the paint, but nope after much playing it is just the glaze casts an almost yellowish hue which is very evident with white.

  10. I use clear to seal then use modpodge glitter to seal everything and it glitters. I make the small ones to put on purses and wallets. they get addicting.