Monday, September 13, 2010

Halloween blocks

Take a look at these!!
One of my favorite times of day is the time I spend alone with this boy!
Meet Emo boy.

While the older two are in school and the younger one is napping me and Emo boy usually watch TV, read, play games, learn letters and almost always do some sort of craft or drawing.
Today I wanted to make something fun for Halloween. It had to be with wood as I am not allowed to buy any more crafting stuff until I get rid of some of my materials first.
I turned to google images for some inspiration and came across these foam sticker thingies.

I got out a paper and pen to sketch and away we went.
What I used-
2x4 cut to 8"
black/white/light purple card stock
toilet paper roll
purple/green acrylic paint
silver spray paint
adhesive (I used Mod podge)

We painted the hunks of wood. Then I free handed my faces with chalk on the cardstock. I cut out my desired hair, eyes (2 black circles slightly bigger than your 2 slightly white circles per character), mouth for Frankenstein, nose for Dracula (light purple card stock). I placed them where I wanted them then drew the nose on Frank and the mouth on Dracula with a sharpie and put a dot on each white circle. I then mod podged my face in place. While I waited for it to dry I cut two 2" strips off my toilet paper roll. I cut slits about a 1/4" down on one side and folded them in like this.

I then spray painted them silver. I used the folds to adhere the ears onto the Frankenstein head.
For Dracula's ears/wings (as Emo boy calls them) I just folded the ears in a 1/4" and glued the fold to the head. Emo boy just had to have a mustache for Dracula so we added a mustace from the leftover trim from his hair line.

My little man loves his Dracula! He watched TV with us this afternoon, went for a bike ride with us, played army tanks with us, and even ate dinner with us. Simple pleasures out of a hunk of wood...
When the older two kids came home from school they wanted to create one too. My flittering butterfly made this pumpkin cat

My Sensitive child and my soldier boy are working on a viking (should be interesting considering the lil man already painted his orange like his sisters).


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  2. Nice! I think I might ditch the 2x4 and do these with some toilet paper rolls! Thanks for the fun idea!! :)

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  4. These are really too cute! Great project and decoration. And who says Dracula doesn't like to play with Army tanks? BARBIE even likes them in our house. :)

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  6. Wow! I have an Emo Boy too!

    LOVE your monsters! So cute. I may have to copy cat you!

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