Tuesday, October 26, 2010

First attempt

I don't know if you remember the post i did with the guy that makes amazing things out of pancakes last week. Check it out here
Well we thought we would try it. Our first attempt was spent working with the consistency of the batter and the heat of the griddle. We used a condiment bottle from walmart and cut the opening a little bit bigger. We thinned out the batter a little bit and turned the grill down so it wouldn't burn the pancakes.
We just had fun! Everyone came with ideas of what to try next. I don't think we will eat pancakes the same way again! Granted we are no where near as awesome as the dad at Jimspancakes my kids didn't notice thats all that matters right?! Heres us playing with our food.

My soldier boy won
Since Emo boy is cat in the hat for Halloween we had to make him a hat
Sticking with the Halloween season we did a witches hat and broom stick

And living in Oklahoma my soldier boy who isn't much of a foot ball fan spent the previous evening watching football with the guys at a party so heres his shout out for team pride LOL

There were plenty more that didn't make the cut including each kid with their names. Here is a butterfly, and a flower, and a pumpkin.

You should give it a try! Fun for the whole family! Thinking of making this our Sunday night tradition for a few weeks.

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