Tuesday, January 25, 2011

baby shower gifts

You might remember this post HERE when I made our Ape baby a few pairs of new shoes.
These are one of them

I made an adorable pair of shoes and matching head band for a baby shower this weekend. They are by far my favorite pair of shoes I have made! I just love them! Normally you can expect a hair bow from me in your gift bundle, but I see more shoes in future gifts from me.
If you are interested in the pattern and tutorial here is where I got it from. It takes me about an hour to whip these babies together IF I work straight through.
My personal advise for this pattern is
-I personally like the look of the seams turned out on the back. It gives it a more finished less homemade look I think, plus it hides the seams better.
-When making them for Ape baby I traced her foot and found the sole to be too wide so I trimmed it down especially at the toe. Next time I made her some the sole was too short so I added a 1/4" all around the sole and then a 1/2" to the length of the top and back pieces.
-For these I traced the sole of a new born pair of shoes at Walmart and then cut down top and back to fit. The pattern is VERY forgiving in that regard!
-For walkers for the sole I use heavy jean from old pants or remnant leather from Hobby Lobby I found for $3 of scrap pieces and made two pairs out of it. (Not costly!)
Happy Crafting!


  1. Those are absolutely awesome! I may have to try getting crafty again.

  2. Adorable shoes. The pink and denim are my favorite. I just posted them on pinterest. I'm a new follower :)