Saturday, August 6, 2011

Need to redecorate

Ever have one of those weeks/months you decide you are tired of the way something looks but just don't know what you want to replace the old.
A few weeks ago I decided the space above my fireplace had to change. Since we painted our living-room two years ago the painting above the fireplace seemed to blend into the wall too much. For a large part of the day the wood frame looked almost the same color as the wall. I wanted something more drastic but not over powering.My soldier boy was in the field and I needed some alone, adult time. I hired a sitter and made a run into town to Hobby Lobby. I walked thru the store at least ten times, up and down each isle without having to run to the potty three times, losing a child, or having to pick up things my children have taken off shelves. I love the discount isle! Especially the picture frames. I came across a large black frame for $9, it stands lengthwise as long as I am tall almost. Who could pass that up?!I roamed the store for something to go with it, plates, picture, prints, more frames, or material. As I was about to give up I came across a metal wall hanging that was also discounted due to paint peeling, $14. I took it home and covered the metal that was showing thru with some acrylic paint.Now I need to find the right balance of stuff on the mantle. I keep rearranging my trinkets to see what looks best but no right combo says "finished" yet.
The new home for our old painting is perfect. It pops more and we notice it more each time we pass it on our way into our room.
Now I am itching to start on the master bedroom, it lacks character! But everything I want to do requires the use of the garage and painting. Not happening anytime soon! Triple digits as far as the weather man can see.

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