Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ape baby's Peasant top

I am definitely in a sewing mood. Needing to keep myself moving and occupy my sleepless nights, I recently reorganized my sewing drawers and boxes. I have a bit too much fabric! Great beautiful prints just waiting for the right project.
I came across several patterns I had purchased back in the day when my flittering butterfly was a wee Lil one. The Copyright on the packages says 2001. When I came across this pattern I decided I had just the fabric to use.
Walmart always has a bunch of discount material packets in town. I found a packet for a purse but thought it would make a perfect shirt for my 'lil ape baby. For two yards of each material and a great purse handle it was $5. Steal! I have been holding on to it for over 6months waiting for just the right thing.
I love it when I can make a project without having to go shopping.
I love peasant tops! I, of course, sewed this late one night while my babes were sleeping. I cut out the size 2 shirt, and followed the instructions. I left out the elastic on the sleeves because I didn't want to make them too tight but once she had it on I decided I liked it better without the puff sleeves. I have always been intimidated by store bought patterns. They easily confuse me. However this one taught me a few new sewing tricks I'd have never thought of.I love the scrunchy gathered top piece! It is a wonderful detail!
I will make a few minor adjustments to lengthen it but all in all I LOVE this simple pattern! I am thinking of making another top for winter, with the short puff sleeves and adding a knit cotton full length extension giving it a layered look. What do you think?
My lil ape baby wore this on our Zoo outing this week. I was thrilled when I had several ladies who had lil girls about the same age ask where I bought this shirt- a feel good creative moment. This pattern is a keeper!I think I like to sew.

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  1. Just found your blog today! Loving reading all your posts to catch up :-)

    I, too, love peasant style tops (and dresses). My kids also have night gowns and pajamas(tops) in the peasant style. It is such an easy style to sew up quickly and they look so adorable!

    Come by and visit!