Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Love your state?

I work with the youth group at our church. We recently had two new girls moved in from out of state. We were looking for something simple to give them as a welcome gift, when I came across these again on EtsyI have been dying to order one, but never have...We were a bit crunched on time so ordering one would not be an option for these girls. After searching for something super cute to give the girls and coming up empty handed, I decided to try my hand at making it myself.
I found a clip art of our state.I imported my image into Pages and used the create your own card setting, I was going to make a few, may as well not waste card stock.
As I lined up my white card stock in my printer and hit print I selected the flip horizontally button which prints them backwards.After they were printed I cut out my card stock with my kindergarteners scissors, and flipped it blank side up. I approximated where our town is on the map and put a heart with a sharpie pen there. Then I distressed the edges a little with an ink pad to help it stand out a bit and cover some of the cut lines. I found out what each of the girls favorite colors were and with double sided tape adhered both pieces of card stock together and put it in a frame.
I wrapped them up and included a card that saidSuper simple and easy! I love them and so do the girls. In fact all the girls want one now!
Thinking of making one for each place we have lived and making a wall of them.

Live to create!

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