Sunday, May 29, 2011

Teacher gifts

The kids were upset at me for not making something for their teachers for the last day of school. I felt kinda bad for neglecting them also! After all we had two of the best teachers this year!!Since the last day of school is an exemption day for the students with good grades and attendance, both of my kids were home. I scoured the blog world for a quick an easy craft they could do while we made bread and decorated a few jars of apple butter.
I came across these HERE
I had all the materials, and the kids were in a good mood to help (they even drilled most of the wholes themselves). These took very little time to put together, yet they are adorable!

I found it rather suiting since my sensitive child's teacher was named teacher of the year!
As she should be with all the crazy boys in her class. She had a knack for knowing how to encourage and challenge the kids. My son just loved to learn from her!
My Flittering butterfly's teacher was #1 in my books! This years teacher knew each student on a more personal level rather than a test score level. Our daughter went from barely passing last year to honor roll this year! She taught her students in such a way that they respected her and loved her without loosing control of the class. We love you Mrs D!! Our Flittering butterfly will forever be comparing her future teachers to you!
Thank you teachers for all you do!

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