Saturday, November 20, 2010

Cheap Headboard

With any reno, I hate spending exuberant amounts of money on something that I know can be done myself and for much less. You can make this project for a grand total of $41 (Some of the materials I had lying around so it really only cost me $23!
I took one of these

And turned it into this

We framed off the pallet with a little help

We boxed the pallet off with 2x4s (not shown) This was done to make it the desired width and height as well as to stabalize it.
Then we tacked on some peg board to the open end to provide a completely flat surface (we had it lying around), this also acts as a stabalizer and helps to square it all off.

I then laid out the material and batting and lined up one of the sides and stapled it with the help of my soldier boy

I used good quality thick home decor material. I lucked out that it happened to be on sale!
The batting was the thickest I could find the package said it was 1" thick.
We stapled (thanks to my new nail/staple gun) down the right side then I strectched the material as soldier boy stapled the left side.
My soldier boy was having way to much fun!
The air gun blows a puff of air and I kept getting it in the face UGH!

Then I trimmed the batting on the corners and folded the material to get a perfect corner and started stretching and stapling all the way across the bottom. Then did the same on the top making sure to stretch it all out and checking every foot or so to catch any wrinkles or flaws.
(Don't mind the hair I hadn't showered yet!)
So there you have it! A spanking new, inexpensive head board!

NOTE: One could use a manual staple gun for this! They run around $10-15. It just takes a little more elbow grease but I have done it before and it works just great.
We learned the importance of squaring your base on this project and how to use something square to help fix your problems. It was a good precursor to the bed building we did next!

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