Saturday, March 5, 2011

Princess sashes

I am involved with the youth group at church. Each year the girls take time to welcome the new girls into the program and to rededicate themselves to setting goals, we call this New Beginnings.
After a quick brainstorm we came across a few princess themed skits and things started to evolve. Unfortunately I was unable to attend as soldier boy is away-tending four kids and trying to encourage a peaceful spiritual feeling is next to impossible with my herd! BUT I was able to contribute!
We wanted each of the girls to walk away feeling like a pretty princess.
My job was to create sashes for each girl to wear like Miss America.
What I used
2" wide ribbon
glitter glue pens
your favorite font to fit printed out as a template
(I used Curlz at 230)
Because it was 10pm by the time I finally got around to starting this project I decided to just print it out with a space between each letter when I typed it rather than try to figure out how to make it print up and down, then I cut each letter out and taped to the table.
I then taped the ribbon over top of the template were I wanted the texted to be (about 10-12" from the end) and I started to trace with my glitter pens in each of the value colors.
Towards the end I was running low on glitter and had to find a way to get every last bit of glitter out of my pen. Gotta love Twix-it clips!
Here they are all laid out to dry. The perfect accessory for every runway princess!
My daughter is super excited to pick through the leftovers at church tomorrow and take one home for herself!

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