Monday, February 21, 2011

Cabinet DIY

This weekend we have done a ton of little projects and a bit of cleaning. You know you suck at cleaning when your friend comes over and says "Wow I have never seen your house this clean!" ;-)
So here is a picture overload.
You know that non functional drawer looking thing under the sink. We have seen other peoples houses with these little cubbies under there. Our draw in the kitchen was loose so we pulled it off around Christmas and just never got around to nailing it back on. While out on a date to Lowes we found these kits that take 15 min to install and cost only $15!!
Non functional gone functional!!
We liked them so much we got them for the bathroom. Now I don't have to hear my husband complain my hair is in his toothbrush. If he has hair in his toothbrush it is his own fault, it is nowhere near my brush.
While my in-laws were here in January we installed those little screw hooks under our plate rack to free up some more cabinet space. Thanks Mom!!
I have my German Weihnachts Markt mugs hanging on display. I love looking at them and having a daily reminder of all the fun times we had in Germany right below my Polish pottery.
Now I am itching to share this project, even in its infancy!
We spent the day putting this baby together.
You know that space between the fridge and the wall...well we filled it. Last weekend while staying at my sisters friends, they had a little shelf to store cans for this empty space. Being the food-storage-nazi and in-need-of-a-craft person I am, I jumped at the idea. We bought our first cuts of oak (love it way more than pine!!) It smells so good while we were drilling holes and cutting.
So here it is! It is not fully complete-I need to spend the next few days sanding it and staining it, then I can tack on the back panel and find a handle for it.
We have a friend who routed out the edges for us. Thank You JIMMY!! It looks amazing!
We handed him the end boards and 20min later he brought back a very professionally looking piece to match our already existing cabinets.

The inspiration can cabinet had a ledge to hold the cans in, I replaced the ledge with dowels.
I am so thrilled, it turned out better than expected after a rough start (slight miss understanding between soldier boy and I, a miss measurement and a bit of an emotional outbreak). I love this piece! I can't wait to load it up with cans! I can't wait to have it all finished! Now my biggest dilema is do I empty another cupboard and find another function for it, or do I treat myself to more food storage to fill it? LOL
I just couldn't wait to share.
Hope you all had a great Presidents day!


  1. I LOVE all your ideas!!!!!!!! Jake is such a handy man. I still remember when you guys took all the grout out of your tile floors to look nice and white. Please post all your new projects as they come along. I love seeing them!

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