Saturday, November 26, 2011

My sisters visit

Been MIA but definitely not idle! Moving from one project to another befor finishing any of them up. Hopefully I will have more to report in the near future. I certainly have a Honey-help-me-do list a mile long!

My baby sister came to celebrate my birthday with me this year. She and her little man spent three fabulous weeks with us. As always I put her to work ;-) It's how we bond.
She sewed several quilts for me and my Young Woman's youth group. We are up to 66 of 80! WAHOO! Hope to complete the last 14 this week.
Thanks Baby Sis!

Side Note:
So bountiful baskets is pretty new in our area. I had to try them out. AWESOME! Look them up if you dont know what they are
While my lil sis was here I ordered 90Lbs of apples and 25Lbs of Tomatoes thru them. Once again I put her to work.
We made apple pie filling, apple sauce, apple butter, frozen apple crisp, apple chips, and salsa
This little gadget was my best friend!!
Having never made salsa befor and wanting it chunky was rather interesting. It took us two batches and we still didn't get it right. But add a little hot sauce and it is perfect for me, my kids like it as is. It is definitely better than anything bought at the store.
Because I over estimated on the number of onions we would need for salsa (yes 5-3Lb bags is too much LOL), my Little Sis found ways to use them up. As I cut and froze a few bags, she diced a few for some yummy french onion soup. Delicious!!
My lil ape baby got in on helping out.
Yup she is playing with a knife! Mother of the year award, right?!
And this lil man Hi-Tek warmed his way into each of our hearts.
The kids loved having a baby around! He is such a funny little guy!

Thanks Baby Sis! I love you!
Plan to do it again next year! I'll need it!