Monday, September 5, 2011

Goals-humanitarian quilts and running

Sorry ladies and gent I have been preoccupied. I have been working on completing a few goals.

The Young Girls at church are working on putting 80 quilts together for a local homeless Shelter for Christmas. A tall order for 4 girls!
There was a lady at church who passed and had a lot of fabric. Her sister was so kind as to donate it to us to help us accomplish our goals.
We have 9 completed, 9 more ready to tie, and 9 out with other ladies from church hopefully being sewn as we speak.
As well as a meeting with another lady from church who has connections to have a whole lot more tops quilted for us for free.
Anyways, I wanted to make my own contribution. When we have our quilting nights I am running around employing the girls and keeping everyone on task. I never get to sit behind a machine. So when I found some adorable material at Joann's a few weeks ago I decided I was going to make a simple top of my own. Here is my completed topMy iron broke so I couldn't take out all the wrinkles. I am so happy to have some leftover material to make the girls something with.

Next is a goal I had to pass an Air Force PT test (it was easier than the Army PT test). I started back in June just running 3-4times a week, slowly increasing my speed, by alternating from walking to running and then eventually running the entire 1.5miles.
Last Friday I accomplished it with 4 seconds to spare on my run! WAHOO!I had plateaued for a few weeks and couldn't seem to take anytime off my run no matter what I did. After a little discussion with my soldier boy, he suggested I started running intervals (one min at a jog, one min at a much faster pace). It worked!! In one week I took off a minute plus!! I simply just found at what pace was easy to run at and what pace I could tolerate for one minute alternating back and forth. I have decided to coast here for the next two weeks and then on the 15th I will start working on passing an Army PT run (2miles) by December 15th. I already have the pace just need to work on the distance.
Now I need to get back into crafting. SO many fun ideas to decorate the house with for Halloween!
This months goal is to blog more!

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