Thursday, July 14, 2011

An Itch to create

After spending the week reorganizing my closet and my craft stuff, I have been dying to create! It's too hot to build furniture (which I am totally inspired to do), too hot to paint, to hot to do any landscaping (which I have tons of ideas for), I finished my last few books and am read out, SO with the AC blasting it is just the right temperature to sew.

After spending hours on Pinterest I finally found something I wanted to attempt.
I found this hereI shortened it into a shirt rather than a dress.

I also attemped my first french seam! FUN!! I found this site here. I don't own a serger and we are totally on the Dave Ramsey plan and I have so many other things on my priority list right now. I hate frayed edges and French seams make so much sense on the bottom part of this shirt! Sorry no pictures just trust me, check it out!Its finished, after spending the afternoon unpicking a few mistakes I made
and then having to sew with the kids 'cause you can't bring out the machine without letting them sew something
I must say I like it! The oldest likes it too. She has request one for herself and even picked out the material she wants for hers. I'll make this again in the future!
Now I want to try out a few more patterns/ideas

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