Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Neighbour gifts

I am on a serious sugar high after sampling all of these delicious treats! Someone has to make sure they are made to perfection ;-P

My husband is going to love all the dishes I left him

I saw a blog some where out there in blog world recently with an eggnog substitute recipe that I really wanted to try. Our Internet company is upgrading their line, so we have had to put up with a rather slow connection these past few weeks...
So to keep my sanity googled "eggnog substitute" in search of a similar recipe and found this
I replaced the vanilla pudding with vanilla flavored powdered creamer, I used powdered milk and omitted the rum extract.
I tried it warm and cold. I like my milk COLD! If it isn't cold enough I put ice cubes in it. So I had to mix this and then refrigerate it for later because what I mixed was not something I could stomach. While I waited I heated some up in the microwave. It wasn't half bad. Not my favorite but not bad.

I decided to alter my plan, I mixed the vanilla creamer (abt 1.5cups, I got the sugar free kind) with some cinnamon (abt 1/8-1/4cup)and nutmeg (abt 2-4Tbsp). I packaged that as my mix. It was perfect! I was surprised how like Eggnog it was. I just whisked in 2tsp with 1cup of fat free milk. Definitely a guilt free delight for this over indulgent season. Also something I can share with my husband who doesn't eat/drink chocolate.

My other two mixes I bought a #10 can of my favorite hot chocolate mix and added to it. I will be doing more of these tomorrow.
I did one with vanilla creamer.
4 cups chocolate mix
1 cup powdered creamer
I tried an almond creamer and didn't like it so I opted against making any of it.

I had a bar of gourmet chocolate (one of those outrageously large 20Lb bar that just never ends). I shaved it down for another additive. Definitely death by chocolate!
4 cups chocolate mix
1.5 cups of shaved chocolate

Tomorrow I plan on picking up a few more creamers (thinking hazelnut and caramel), some candy canes, and Andes candies to add to my next jars. I also need to scheme up some decorative tag for each jar.
Hope you are all staying healthy, warm, and full of holiday cheer!

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